At Piedmont Animal Rescue, we make adoption of abandoned animals easier for you. It is made possible through our reputable and renowned affiliate, the Petstablished.

Petstablished is an online forum which provides access to almost every abandoned and lost animal in the vicinity. Be it cats or dogs of any breed, they are all featured up on the platform, providing details as how to further pursue their adoption. All the featured animals are declared fit to be adopted, or fostered by distinguished organizations.

Applications are processed through the online form of Application available on the website. Simply sign up to register with us for an adoption by clicking ‘adopt’!

Any animal that is not available for adoption would have the ‘Adopt’ button missing on its specific profile. While, there is another alternative for our customers and volunteers alike; the Foster solution! Read our Volunteers section for more information.

Click the below mentioned links for more adoption alternatives!