Cat Adoption

Piedmont Animal Rescue is striving to simplify the homeless cat adoption processes through its affordable cat adoption center. We make sure that every step of the process is convenient for our customers so that it may encourage other people of the community to adopt pets as well.

At our affordable cat adoption center, we have a wide selection of loving and beautiful felines, who are waiting to be taken into a welcoming family. We do not only have different breeds of cats available but also kittens esp. during the kitten season (approx. November to April). From affectionate kitties and lap cats to fun loving punch-faced persians— we also feature very young kittens at the shelter that are hardly three months old and ready to be turned into a lifetime feline friend.

Cat adoption is always a better idea since many animals are put to the fate of being euthanized by authoritative bodies to regulate the numbers. You’re not just buying a pet, but you’re carrying out a noble act of saving lives.Also, cat adoption is considerably more cost effective than actually buying a new cat from a pet shop. This is due to the fact that shelters already perform the preliminary requisites like vaccinations, potty training, and even at times, micro-chipping! So that saves you of the hassle and additional charges.


Adopted cats are friendlier and well-mannered towards owners and families than cats who are bought from stores. This is due to the fact that they have already been fostered by loving and caring volunteers which helps them feel not too strange towards humans.

At Piedmont, all our cats are checked and treated for worms and fleas, and have been comprehensively vaccinated. Piedmont Animal Rescue is affiliated with the renowned pet adoption company the Petfinder to bring you convenient selection and adoption of healthy and beautiful pets.

You can access our gorgeous collection of kittens and various felines online which is updated by our competent and amazing volunteers. You can also check the availability for different animals owed to the profiles available for every cat, dog and other furry friends on the network.