Dog Adoption

Piedmont Animal Rescue is a convenient and responsible dog adoption center to accommodate a caring forever home for our furry friends. We are dedicated to render reliable and highest quality foster and adoption services for lost and abandoned animals. We believe in providing the best animal shelter to homeless animals to maintain and promote highest level of animal rights. We believe we can achieve this by fighting animal cruelty and treating sick and neglected animals. And educating the community about general issues and responsible pet care.

At Piedmont Animal Rescue we feature all breeds and ages of dogs ranging from a pup to a fully-grown Labrador.  We are affiliated with Petfinder to bring you myriad options that will help you adopt the animal that fits your requirements. Our goal is to bring about responsible rescue and rehabilitation for stray and lost dogs, and to help them find homes that will affirm utmost care, love and attention. We believe our services can have a great impact on pet guardianship and pet adoption by establishing great standards. Also, this will help eliminate pet suffering, homelessness and euthanization of innocent animals.

Dog Adoption

It is always a better option to adopt a pet from an animal shelter than buying from a pet store, since you get the opportunity to carry out a noble act of saving a precious life. All our dogs are vaccinated and checked for worms and fleas to ensure the highest level of animal and human wellbeing. Also, adoption helps reduce the overall cost of ownership in comparison to buying animals at a higher price from pet stores. We feature all breeds and crossbreeds of dogs that you will love welcoming and introducing into your family. All our dogs are volunteered by loving and caring volunteers who make sure that the pets are well accustomed to different human households. We provide you the feasibility to view and select the dogs of your choice by featuring profiles for every animal available online. This also helps you check availability of dogs to help you make a better choice. Every profile has a clear, original picture of the animal to help you make a decision and get the animal of your choice.

You can also fill out our adoption form which initiates the adoption process, and start building a better life, a better future for a living being! At Piedmont Animal Rescue, we keep the adoption fee as cost effective as possible, while providing you a healthy and well-mannered dog.

Adopted cats are friendlier and well-mannered towards owners and families than cats who are bought from stores. This is due to the fact that they have already been fostered by loving and caring volunteers which helps them feel not too strange towards humans.

At Piedmont, all our cats are checked and treated for worms and fleas, and have been comprehensively vaccinated. Piedmont Animal Rescue is affiliated with the renowned pet adoption company the Petfinder to bring you convenient selection and adoption of healthy and beautiful pets.

You can access our gorgeous collection of kittens and various felines online which is updated by our competent and amazing volunteers. You can also check the availability for different animals owed to the profiles available for every cat, dog and other furry friends on the network.