Intake Protocol

Many pet shelters spend much of their resources and time at curing sick animals. Our animal shelter intake protocol is designed to deliver the most productive results. We believe working smartly to save up time and energy for more rescues. At Piedmont Animal Rescue, a sound and professional pet intake protocol is administered.

We utilize and facilitate appropriate vaccination and treatments to cure and diagnose parasitic involvement in animals that come our way. We run a series of tests and diagnosis to detect and verify the animal of certain medical and behavioral conditions every time before taking it from its previous owner, or after rescuing it. Our staff is well trained and equipped to recognize sick and injured animals which then enables a speedy and effective termination of the illnesses found.

Our well planned animal shelter intake protocol helps optimize general health and wellbeing of animals taken under care at the center. We practice great coordination from the onset to deliver great care and rehabilitation, and help save lives. We highly believe in exceptional customer service to render best experience for adopters and owners that have to abandon their pets.

dog and cat

We are professional and understanding towards all types of clients and understand that it is not only tough for pet owners but the animals as well. Our team practices a great sense of empathy and patience to bear with all sorts of situations. We keep a thorough track of all the relevant data associated with the stray/abandoned/homeless animal that comes across our way.

Our daily operations are smoothly executed owed to our well planned intake protocol and competent staff.

We run a safety check at the start of the day which is followed up by an organized feeding period. Our staff members document behavioral observation for each animal on a daily basis. We also practice rigorous cleaning schedules throughout the day to ensure highest level of cleanliness. We engage and socialize animals in different recreational activities to establish enrichment, and to observe behavior modification. Every day at Piedmont Animal Rescue is concluded by documenting thorough and systematic closing processes.